By signing up to become a member, you agree to the following terms and conditions of this charter.



To build conscious creative culture though intelligent after hours social gatherings featuring alternative art, music and technology.

Membership Requirements:

Becoming a member means you have read and agreed to all the terms , rules and requirements within this charter, Violation of any rules or requirements by any member or their guests can lead to immediate removal from the event or permanent loss of membership.

~Members and guest acknowledge that Purple 33 is a space of responsible, peaceful, respectful and friendly behavior and it is their duty to uphold this creed.
~Members must make their entry donations online, they will not be accepted at the door.
~Members guests entry donations can only be made by the members who brought them in.
~Members are responsible to make sure their guests have read and are informed of the rules and requirements and will be held responsible for their behavior.
~Upon entry members and their guests will be required to show proper identification and have a picture taken of ID.
~Guests can become Bronze members with written consent from the Gold or Silver member who introduced them after they have attended at least one event and have agreed to all membership requirements and rules .
~Memberships are not transferable.
~Memberships can be revoked or suspended at any time at our discretion.
~Members and guests enter at their own risk and agree upon entry to release Purple 33 from any liability or responsibility such as but not limited to injury, death or theft.
~Members and guests understand they are responsible for their own safety and well being regardless of the environment around them.
~Members and guests agree to the posting of photos on any website or social networking site and not hold Purple 33 liable for any photographers actions.
~Members are responsible for any property damage to the space,
~Members acknowledge this is a self policing community and will report any suspicious or unacceptable behavior to Purple 33 security or staff.
~Purple 33 reserves the right to amend or change rules or requirements at any time.

Rules :

2. No aggressive physical or verbal behavior of any kind regardless of who started it or is at fault.
3. No substance abuse.
4. No disorderly or disrespectful behavior.
5. No weapons.
6. No smoking inside.
7. No groping or any sexual harassment.
8. No loitering outside property or surrounding neighborhood.
9. No graffiti or vandalism of any kind.
10. No bringing in alcohol or drinks of any kind.
11. No going to car to drink or do any other unacceptable behavior.
12. No pets.
13. No sneaking in or sneaking any one else in.
14. No attempting to drive while being intoxicated.
15. No harassing or abuse of any kind on Purple 33 website.
16. No walk ups. Your entry donations must be made online before you arrive.
17. Maintaining respect for the space, people in the space, and the surrounding neighborhood.
18. Having integrity and a friendly behavior.
19. Maintaining restroom cleanliness for others after each use.
20. Any found items will be returned to lost and found.
21. Any unusual or unacceptable behavior observed must be reported to staff immediately.
22. All members and guests must be 21 years of age or older (unless during designated family events) and must have proper ID.
23. Any issues or matters that are questionable or need to be resolved must be brought up to the management if they cannot be easily resolved in an amicable way.
24. RESPECT THE NEIGHBORHOOD – “Leave no trace”, “Leave it better” or “Just leave” Meaning no loitering and please take any trash you have or may find on your way to your car with you. Most importantly, please KEEP IT QUIET!!! in the surrounding neighborhood outside of our space. There are neighbors nearby that are sleeping at the hours we like to celebrate.